Current list of MAVIS White Papers and topics

Last updated 2018/04/30.

To allow collaboration and coordination, this page provides a list of proposed topics for MAVIS White Papers received so far, along with the lead author, and list of co-authors. To avoid ‘spambot’ issues, we don’t provide email addresses here. However, if you want to get in touch with other authors, details can be obtained from upon request, or found via institutional staff directories. We will keep the list updated.

We encourage collaboration and coordination of topics between the white papers. However, authors should not feel obliged to collaborate, and we hope to gather a diverse range of distinct and focused contributions. It is not a problem if there is overlap and common areas of interest between the white papers.

This is a non-competitive process – all contributions are valued, and will be carefully considered when building the final MAVIS science case. All authors will have the option to have their white paper made public via the MAVIS website, and contribute to the MAVIS science case document.

Lead Author Name Institute Topic of interest / ideas for White Paper Co-authors
Trevor Mendel ANU Measuring ISM properties at a range of redshifts. Explore the different science cases that would be possible with high spatial resolution broadband vs. narrowband imaging and/or spectroscopy. Lisa Kewley, Brent Groves, Emily Wisnioski, and Nell Byler.
Simon Ellis AAO Morphological evolution of galaxies in clusters. Bulge-disk decomposition  
Luca Casagrande ANU Optical photometry for resolved stars in nearby galaxies  
Marco Gullieuszik INAF-Padova Star-forming clumps Bianca M. Poggianti, Alessia Moretti, Benedetta Vulcani, Daniela Bettoni
Marco Gullieuszik INAF-Padova Mass growth and size evolution of early type galaxies Bianca M. Poggianti, Alessia Moretti, Benedetta Vulcani, Daniela Bettoni, Elisa Portaluri, Renato Falomo
Marco Gullieuszik INAF-Padova Ram-pressure stripping in intermediate-z clusters Bianca M. Poggianti, Alessia Moretti, Benedetta Vulcani, Daniela Bettoni
Benedetta Vulcani INAF-Padova Morphological evolution of galaxies Marco Gullieuszik, Bianca M. Poggianti, Alessia Moretti, Daniela Bettoni
Sperello di Serego Alighieri INAF-Arcetri Direct detection of UV-upturn hot, old stars in nearby ETGs and bulges. Laura Greggio (Padova)
Deanne Fisher Swinburne z~1-2 galaxies and also low-z analogues Karl Glazebrook
Ken Freeman ANU Imaging and spectroscopy of ultra-faint galaxies Helmut Jerjen
Stuart Ryder AAO Core-collapse supernovae with MAVIS  
Elisa Portaluri INAF-Padova Quantifying the capabilities of MAVIS for selected science cases, in particular characterization of the UV properties of active and inactive galaxies up to redshift 1 R. Falomo, R. Ragazzoni, S. Paiano, V. Viotto, D. Greggio, D. Magrin, J. Farinato, D. Fantinel, M. Uslenghi, M. Gullieuszik
Elena Pancino INAF-Arcetri Dynamics of resolved stellar clusters in the local group, using astrometry “calibrated” by Gaia and HST Davide Massari, Andrea Bellini, Mattia Libralato, Nicoletta Sanna, Germano Sacco, Guido Agapito
Elena Pancino INAF-Arcetri Chemistry and dynamics of (resolved and integrated) stellar clusters in the local group and beyond, with R~20000 AO assisted spectroscopy Nicoletta Sanna, Laura Magrini, Davide Massari, Tino Oliva, Andrea Tozzi
Nicoletta Sanna INAF-Arcetri Age, multiple populations, and stellar activity in resolved stellar clusters and stellar populations in the local group with narrow-band filters between 370-450 nm Elena Pancino, Andrea Bellini, Germano Sacco, Laura Magrini, Guido Agapito, Tino Oliva, Andrea Tozzi
Laura Magrini INAF-Arcetri The radial abundance distributions and their time evolution in nearby galaxies from photometric and spectroscopic observations of star clusters Sofia Randich, Elena Pancino, Nicoletta Sanna
Germano Sacco INAF-Arcetri Star and planet formation at low metallicities in the Magellanic Clouds Elena Franciosini, Veronica Roccatagliata, Davide Fedele
Edvige Corbelli INAF-Arcetri Young Stellar Clusters as probes of galaxy evolution in a cluster environment Marco Grossi & Laura Magrini
Tayyaba Zafar AAO Hunting absorption galaxies in emission Celine Peroux
Lorenzo Morelli INAF-Padova The MAVIS perspective of nuclear stellar disks Portaluri E. (INAF-OAPD), Pizzella A. (UNIPD/INAF), Buson L. (INAF-OAPD), Corsini E.M. (UNIPD/INAF), Costantin L. (UNIPD), Cuomo V. (UNIPD), Dalla Bonta_ E. (UNIPD/INAF), Pagotto I. (UNIPD), Rubino M. (UNIPD)
Francesca Bacciotti INAF-Arcetri Jets from young stars at high angular resolution: the launching mechanism as a solution to the angular momentum problem. Podio, Linda (1); Codella, Claudio (1); Nisini, Brunella (2); Antoniucci, Simone (2); Giannini, Teresa (2) - (1) I.N.A.F. - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri; (2) I.N.A.F. - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
Richard de Grijs Macquarie Star clusters Chengyuan Li (Macquarie)
Anna Ferre-Mateu Swinburne Super massive black holes in compact galaxies Richard McDermid (Macquarie)
Filippo Mannucci INAF-Arcetri The science case for a MAVIS deep field G. Cresci, M. Perna
Dan Maoz Tel Aviv University Binarity of WD and the SN Ia rate Filippo Mannucci
Dan Maoz Tel Aviv University High redshift CC and Ia SNe Filippo Mannucci
Filippo Mannucci INAF-Arcetri UV morphology of galaxies up to z=~6: clumps and morphological parameters M. Perna, G. Cresci
Filippo Mannucci INAF-Arcetri Resolved stellar populations in distant galaxies M. Perna, G. Cresci
Giovanni Cresci INAF-Arcetri Resolving the properties of AGN feedback M. Perna, F. Mannucci
Giovanni Cresci INAF-Arcetri Searching for Intermediate Mass BHs in Local dwarf spheroidal galaxies S. Salvadori & A. Marconi (Uni. Florence)
Stefano Zibetti INAF-Arcetri Resolving the most compact massive galaxies across the cosmic time A. Gallazzi (Arcetri)
Stefano Zibetti INAF-Arcetri The physical properties and the origin of classical bulges and pseudo-bulges in the local Universe A. Gallazzi (Arcetri)
Simone Antoniucci INAF-Roma Mass accretion in low-metallicity environments of the outer Galaxy J.M. Alcalá(2), B. Nisini(1), K. Biazzo(3), T. Giannini(1), L. Podio(4), F. Bacciotti(4); (1) INAF - OA Roma, (2) INAF - OA Capodimonte, (3) INAF - OA Catania, (4) INAF - OA Arcetri
Simone Antoniucci INAF-Roma Frequency of accreting sub-stellar companions of low-mass stars J.M. Alcalá(2), B. Nisini(1), K. Biazzo(3), T. Giannini(1), L. Podio(4), F. Bacciotti(4); (1) INAF - OA Roma, (2) INAF - OA Capodimonte, (3) INAF - OA Catania, (4) INAF - OA Arcetri
Ellena Dalla Bonta INAF-Padova Dynamical measurements of supermassive black holes and nuclear star clusters with MAVIS E. Portaluri, E. M. Corsini, I. Pagotto, L. Buson, L. Costantin, V. Cuomo, L. Morelli, A. Pizzella, and M. Rubino
Luca Cortese ICRAR/UWA The evolution of photometric and kinematic bulges and the link (if any) between pseudo and classical bulges Barbara Catinella (ICRAR/UWA)
Luca Cortese ICRAR/UWA The growth of the outer disks and extended UV disks Barbara Catinella (ICRAR/UWA)
Barbara Catinella ICRAR/UWA The physics of gas stripping in different environments Luca Cortese (ICRAR/UWA)
Richard de Grijs Macquarie Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters, nature or nurture? Chengyuan Li (Macquarie)
Richard de Grijs Macquarie Investigating the role of stellar rotations across young massive cluster colour-magnitude diagrams Chengyuan Li (Macquarie)
Mirka Dessauges-Zavadsky Geneva Probing Stellar Clumps in Distant Star-forming Galaxies from 1<z<4 Edvige Corbelli, Leslie Hunt (if not coPI), Laura Magrini, and Filippo Mannucci (Arcetri), and if possible also D. Schaerer (Geneve), L. Mayer (Zurich), A. Adamo (Stockholm), J. Richard (Lyon, our lensing expert)
Colin Jacobs Swinburne Modelling strong lenses to detect perturbations by small DM subhaloes Karl Glazebrook (Swinburne)
Gayandhi De Silva AAO/Usyd Probing Open clusters of the Inner and Outer disk of the Galaxy Valentina D’Orazi
Fabrizio Massi INAF-Arcetri Testing the Universality of the Initial Mass Function with Photometry of Open Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds L. Magrini, G. G. Sacco, and N. Sanna (INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)
Monica Tosi INAF-Bologna Resolved stellar populations and star formation histories in dwarf galaxies beyond the Local Group L. Hunt, S. Salvadori, F. Annibali, M. Bellazzini, M. Cignoni, G. Fiorentino, F. Mannucci, M. Monelli, M. Perna, D. Romano, E. Tolstoy
Piero Rosati University of Ferrara Exploiting strong lensing clusters with MAVIS Eros Vanzella (INAF-BO), Paolo Tozzi (INAF-FI), Claudio Grillo (University of Milan), Amata Mercurio (INAF-BO), Massimo Meneghetti (INAF-BO), Gabriel B. Caminha (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen), Francesco Calura (INAF-BO), Filippo Mannucci (INAF-FI)
Ruben Sanchez-Janssen UK-ATC Young Massive Clusters in Metal-Poor Starburst Dwarf Galaxies Ricardo Amorin (Cambridge), Jorge Sanchez Almeida (IAC)
Celine Peroux LAM Spatially Resolved Gas Clouds  
Andrea Grazian INAF-Rome Investigating the nature of Dark Matter through galaxy dynamics at z ∼ 1 − 2 with MAVIS Nicola Menci