We have brand new mailing lists. In addition to the general mavis.team@mavis-ao.org, we also have mavis team addresses for each institutes. In alphabetical order:

  • mavis.team.aao@mavis-ao.org
  • mavis.team.anu@mavis-ao.org
  • mavis.team.arcetri@mavis-ao.org
  • mavis.team.lam@mavis-ao.org
  • mavis.team.mq@mavis-ao.org
  • mavis.team.padova@mavis-ao.org

mavis.team@mavis-ao.org forwards to all the above institute addresses.

There is also a forward for pi@mavis-ao.org (goes to Francois), ps@mavis-ao.org (goes to Richard) and pm@mavis-ao.org (goes to Charles). We will be adding other exploders/forwards as necessary.