We had our first MAVIS science workshop on 27 november 2017 at Mt Stromlo.


  • Jon Lawrence and Francois Rigaut, “General Introduction about MAVIS, AAO and ANU capabilities”
  • Geraint Lewis, “Halos, Streams & Shells”
  • Karl Klazebrook, “High resolution galaxy morphology and kinematics”
  • Sarah Martell (Dinner), “Spectroscopy in resolved stellar population”
  • Chris Lidman, “Galaxy Tranformation in Galaxy Clusters”
  • Michele Trenti (Dinner), “A sharpened view of star formation at the edge of reionization “
  • Richard McDermid, “Resolved and semi-resolved stellar populations beyond the local group”
  • Stuart Ryder, “Transients + Circumstellar disks”
  • Michael Ireland, “Exoplanets”
  • Michael Dopita, “Resolving the coronal emission line and dust sublimation regions of Seyfert Galaxies”

Their talks are available in our private github repository.

Confirmed Participants

In person

  • 10 presenters above (except for Karl who attended remotely)
  • Chris Onken
  • Ken Freeman
  • Simon Ellis
  • Emily Wisnioski


  • Tamara Davies, CAASTRO (expressed interest but can’t attend)


  • Michael Drinkwater
  • Rachael Livermore

Zoom session

URL to start or join: https://anu.zoom.us/j/263425500