We’re happy to report that the MAVIS project was kicked off at ESO (Garching) on Jan 31 & Feb 1, 2019. The meeting was very successful, with about 20 consortium members and 7 ESO representatives.

We also had a pre-kickoff meeting on Jan 29 & 30, with about 15 consortium members. Things are starting to really shape up, and we’re getting organised.

We’re on for a 15 months journey.

On the photo:

Back: Luca Pasquini, Simon Ellis, Roger Haynes, David Brodrick, Thierry Fusco, Benoit Neichel, Giovanni Cresci, Demetrio Magrin, Jacopo Farinato, Fernando Pedichini, Davide Greggio, Simone Antoniucci, Roberto Ragazzoni, Pierre-Yves Madec, Richard McDermid, Damien Gratadour, Harald Kuntschner, Robin Arsenault

Front: Lorenzo Busoni, Jeroen Heijmans, Stefan Stroebele, Pierre Haguenauer, Bernardo Salasnich, Norbert Hubin, Francois Rigaut, Valentina Viotto, Maria Gergomi