So many things happened since the last post, and yet like so may websites, this one fell into neglect because its maintainers were busy doing other things!

The Kioloa busy week took place from March 6 to 10, 2020. 10 months after the first busy week, and the last post on this blog! In the meantime, we’ve seen many progress in the design, a successful mid-term review with ESO, a coalescence of the design, the start of covid-19, etc. The Kioloa busy week actually happened right at the start of the covid crisis in Europe. The italian contingent had to cancel last minute (and they were right doing so, as Italy was lockdown right before the busy week). We ended up doing the busy week at 15 Australians (MQ and Stromlo), plus Pierre, the only european that made it to Oz.

Long days, as we shifted the working hours toward the evening to be able to overlap with the italians for at least 3 hours a day. But absolutely worth it. Kioloa was delightful. Nice facilities, aussie-like, i.e. minimum confort but truely genuine with a natural setting. Old and cosy bungalows. Good food though! And good company. Overall, a very enjoyable experience. I have put a couple of pictures here.