MAVIS has a large footprint at the Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation conference. We lined up 12 papers on various aspects of the system, based on the phase A study. Here is the complete list and the links to the paper’s PDFs:

  1. MAVIS: System modelling and performance prediction (Agapito et al)
  2. MAVIS IFU with AO for VLT: image slicer concept and design (Content et al)
  3. Predictive Learn and Apply: MAVIS Application - Apply (Cranney et al)
  4. MAVIS: science case, imager and spectrograph (Ellis et al)
  5. MAVIS real-time control system: a high-end implementation of the COSMIC platform (Gratadour et al)
  6. Optical design of a broadband atmospheric dispersion corrector for MAVIS (Greggio et al)
  7. MAVIS Adaptive Optics Module Optical Design (Greggio et al)
  8. The MAVIS Image Simulator: predicting the astrometric performance of MAVIS (Monty et al)
  9. MAVIS Conceptual Design (Rigaut et al)
  10. MAVIS: Conceptual architecture of the Instrument Control Software (Salasnich et al)
  11. MAVIS: the adaptive optics module feasibility study (Viotto et al)
  12. Predictive Learn and Apply: MAVIS application - Learn (Zhang et al)